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” Every Book in Paper Dog Press is Made in Canada. “We want to bring back the practice of reading books to the younger generation and helping them take a break from their digital assets”
– Founder: Kate Lavut

Best Seller

“Crowned in Curls”

The author of the book “Crowned in Curls” reflects on her personal experiences as a black girl with textured hair and recognizes the common struggles faced by other black girls and women in society. She discusses the impact of Caucasian beauty standards on self-acceptance and identity for black girls and how the internalization of these standards can lead to the use of chemical treatments to alter natural hair texture. The author writes from a place of empathy and understanding, drawing from her own journey toward self-acceptance while keeping her thoughts and experiences close to her while writing the book.

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Meet Our Authors

Kate Lavut

Author / Illustrator

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Kate Lavut is the author and illustrator of several books including Chico, Sex after Baby and Animals Ate the Alphabet. She is currently teaching comic making workshops and would love to have you join her. You can email for more information and how to enroll.

Holly Klein

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Holly Klein raised three children in a creative environment. She was a teacher for 45 years and an artist and story teller, using her stories in her classrooms as part of her teaching. Many of the art projects the children did in her classrooms used recycled materials to bring attention to endangered animals. She also wrote a program in Yoga and Dance and taught this in many Schools. Finally retiring from teaching, she forged ahead with great energy into writing stories and poetry, Turtles in Girdles is her first children’s book.

Aisha Boubacar

Author / Illustrator
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Aisha Boubacar is the 14 year old author of Crowned in Curls. After embarking on a journey to love her natural hair she decided to create a storybook that teaches young kids to do the same. This is her first book.

Nicola Klein


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Nicola Klein lives in Montreal with her partner and 3 children, their cat Ziggi and their trusty canoe, the Flying Fish. In 2017, she created the NDG Forest School, an outdoor exploration program for young children, and is currently completing a Bachelor’s of Education. Recently, Nicola has been working as a freelance editor and writing children’s stories. In 2019, she co-authored her first published picture book, Turtles in Girdles, blending her passion for writing with her love of nature.

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About Us

Every book in Paper Dog Press is Made in Canada. 

“We want to bring back the practice of reading books in the younger generation and help them take a break from their digital assets” ~ Founder: Kate Lavut.

Our Mission

Founded in 2010, Paper Dog Press is a Montreal-based publishing house specializing in children’s books, young adult graphic novels, and mini-comics. Our mission is to produce quality, quirky books at affordable prices and promote reading for future generations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the go-to platform for upcoming writers to showcase and market their works. We want to nurture new talent and provide a supportive community for writers, contributing to the field of literature.

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