“Crowned in Curls” – Aisha Boubacar

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Did you know: Children can learn between 4,000 and 12,000 new words through book reading in a single year. Encouraging kids to read more can make a huge difference for them as adults.


Toronto teenager Aisha Boubacar has written and illustrated a children’s book titled “Crowned in Curls” during the pandemic lockdown period, aiming to help young Black readers appreciate their natural hair. The book is published by Montreal-based independent publisher Paper Dog Press.

Boubacar’s inspiration for the book came from her own hair journey during the pandemic. She started to embrace her natural hair and started experimenting with different hairstyles. As she reflected on why she had never fully loved her natural hair, Boubacar realized that it was because of societal beauty standards that prioritize straight hair and Eurocentric features. Her hair journey inspired her to write a book that could help other Black girls appreciate and love their natural hair.

“Crowned in Curls” is a rhyming story inspired by Boubacar’s childhood. The story follows Imani, a young girl who learns to love her curly hair after overcoming her insecurities about it. Boubacar hopes that her book will help Black girls develop a stronger self-image and acceptance of their natural beauty.

Boubacar partnered with Paper Dog Press to release the book. She had always wanted to write, and publishing a story based on her newfound appreciation for her natural curls was a way for her to share her message with a wider audience. The book has already received positive feedback, and Boubacar hopes that it will continue to inspire young readers to love and celebrate their natural hair.

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